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Andrew Cronshaw
A friend with whom I've worked on numerous projects since...erm... my days at the London Synthesiser Centre in seventysomethingorother. I think that's where we met...
From your ABC, a site devoted to (mostly) regional arts, though some of us metro types snuck in too.
...or the iBlake shuffle... My blogging effort: a Latham Diary, fresh from Canberra's most sedate suburb. Should anything ever happen here, I'll bring you the news...
Helen Rivero and Ian Blake
OurSpace: hear more tracks from the Luminous CD
Pop music from the last five centuries: info and music at PyeSpace.
Pyewackett Appreciation Society
A Facebook group set up by Frances Roberson. Your chance to discuss those Pyewackett issues that have been on your mind all these years...
Fun Music for Little Kids
Lynne Pilbrow's early childhood music education project: does what it says on the tin — I'm certainly having fun recording it!
Mike Jackson
News of Mike Jackson's tours, books and recordings. And Mike will be able to fix you up with a ukelele of any colour your heart desires. In fact, why not buy several so you can be sure you'll have one to match your current mood?
The Pocket Score Company
Australia's Renaissance blokes: a full-range quartet of chaps dedicated to early vocal music. See you at dawn for a quick aubade.
PBS Melbourne
Melbourne's Progressive Broadcasting Service has a series of CD compilations featuring a range of world music: Helen and Ian have a couple of Nordic lullabies on Form 1 Planet of Music: Volume 3.
The Doc Rowe archive and collection
'Arguably the most important English collector since Kidson or Sharp, he has been documenting folklore, song, dance and cultural traditions for the last thirty years...'
Lowri Blake
Lowri has a pioneering series of cellocentric recordings on her own label.
Jenny Gall's 'Cantara' CD
A recent collaboration in which Jenny takes a new look at the traditional music of Australian women. You can listen to The Female Rambling Sailor at Mark Gregory's Australian Folk Song site. Spot the pinking shears.

More about Jenny at HerSpace

Helen Rivero
Extraordinary singer, Peasant Girl and 'luminous' collaborator
Cassidy's Ceili
Canberra's premier pan-celtic party band: darlings of the West Belconnen smart set. You could also go to the Cassidy's Ceili Facebook page.
My MySpace space
Me & Rupert.
yet another web presence...
View Ian Blake's profile on LinkedIn

This one's got a sort of corporate vibe...

Music Australia
This will take you straight to my stuff, but do have a wander round this fine resource.
The Mellstock Band - music and songs of rural England
It was playing with the Mellstock Band that gave me the experience of feeling truly exotic: performing a mummers' play in full tattercoated splendour in the Stone Town, Zanzibar. Ritual death and resurrection from sartorially challenged Englishmen...
Niels Grundtvig Nielsen on Pyewackett
A Pyewackett discography plus tracklists. NGN comments:

'A brilliant band, proving well enough to make me very envious that you can be musically intelligent and have fun at the same time. They rework 18th century tunes with modern harmonies and a fine ear for instrumental colour: eminently danceable.'

Jenni Cargill: Storyteller, Singer, Teacher
You can hear sample tracks from the CD Wonder Tales of Earth and Sea at Jenni's website.
Les Barker
I'm proud to have been a member of The Mrs Ackroyd Band. Briefly. Just peked too soon, I suppose... However, I was in it for long enough to record Earwig O, of which Les said: 'This is awful and I'm proud of it.'
Australian Music Centre
Information on Australian 'contemporary classical' and 'art music', 'the sort of music that ends up in inverted commas because no-one can find a comfortable way of describing it', jazz, film and experimental music.
Ear to the Earth
The worldwide network for environmental sound