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IAN BLAKE: Listen...

Ema Haual/Hällilaual

(Ian Blake, Andrew Cronshaw, Bernard O'Neill)

An improvisation based on two Estonian runo-tunes, played by:

Ian Blake: soprano sax, voice

Bernard O'Neill: double bass

Andrew Cronshaw: marovantele, wind-wand, gong

and featuring the church bell at Kaustinen, Finland.

From the CD On the Shoulders of the Great Bear (Otavaisen Olkapäillä), recorded by Antti Rintamäki at Soiva Kivi studio in Kaustinen. The marovantele is a chimaeric instrument: half Madagascan marovany, half Finnish kantele, wholly hypnotic. A Cronshaw concept, it was made in Kaustinen by kanteluthier Kimmo Sarja.

This is the angelic imprint of Cronshaw on the snows of Kaustinen. Photo by Antti Rintamäki, from a great height on the monkey bars in the playground