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IAN BLAKE: Listen...

The Old Joe Set

(Ian Blake)

Two tunes here, Old Joes Biggin and Clarke respectively. In the first Old Joe Biggin is working through some issues with our satellite:

Old Joe Biggin, Old Joe Biggin

He were as merry as a fiddler's tune

Old Joe Biggin, Old Joe Biggin

Old Joe Biggin took boggart at Moon.

On a more serious note, we can now present the restored version of Old Joe Clarke: though familiar to all as a fiddle tune, recent research has revealed its original format for bagpipe plus as many ukeleles as are necessary to compete. The version here includes piano, tin whistle, low budget percussion and some rather intrusive saxophones.

From the CD Toy Box Bop by Mike Jackson and Ian Blake. (long deleted and excreted by ABC/EMI: some folks have no regard for scholarship...)