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IAN BLAKE: Listen...

from Verklärter Bungalow

from Masque

(The Haydn Bande, conducted by Geoffrey Lancaster)


Sofðu unga ástin mín

from The River Daughter

from Starling

Green Bushes

La Rivyer Tanier

Ema Haual/Hällilaual

(Ian Blake, Andrew Cronshaw, Bernard O'Neill)

Le Chat à Jeanette

..the burning Thames I have to cross...

Bergomasca Bonza

3am magpie solo

High Plains, Drifting

from 'One of Us'

from The Umbagong Grooves


Hares and Plantations

King in a Tenement Castle

The Old Joe Set

cha cha retrolectra

Dan and the Wombat

Tam Lin


(sing it yourselves!)

coming soon: soothing celtic ringtones

(just the thing for easing you back to consensus reality)
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