Performing the Past

Groove Warehouse, 5/1 Sawmill Circuit, Hume, ACT

Another performance of How many ships sail in the forest?, a new piece for piano.  The Broadwood at Lanyon homestead was restored this year after decades of preparing itself (in a Cageian manner) and nurturing a range of intriguing clonks, boings, spracketings, and the kind of woody groan that puts you in mind of old sailing ships. Hence the title, lifted from a riddling English folk song. Recordings of these pre-restoration utterances are woven into a soundscape so the spiffily rejuvenated piano can converse with its former self. Now, along with this you can hear new pieces by proper pianists like Sandy France, Jenny Gall, and Alistair Noble. And that was the format for the early November performances at CMAG and Lanyon: this time, however, we'll be playing a more recent and probably more predictable instrument. But the tunes and the backstory remain the same.