'Happy Little Copyrights' with Shortis & Simpson

The Carrington Inn, 21 Malbon Street, Bungendore, NSW

A compact version of the show we did at the National Folk Festival over Easter. There's a choice of two evenings: May 17th or 18th. Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.'   Nowhere is this more resonant than in the world of song writing.  As John, Moya and their band play through the lineage of familiar hits, it soon becomes clear that nothing is new under the sun.    Not so a long time ago, when pinching a part of a song here and there just happened. It was called the folk process. Songs were created, sung and passed on freely. Bits would be restyled, tempos changed, lyrics localised, and new instrumentations applied. Songs were available to all. Then along came a thing called the Copyright Act and suddenly songs became property to be owned, exploited and profited from!   Happy Little Copyrights is the story of innocents and villains, commerce and tradition, and minstrels and moguls told in Shortis and Simpson’s inimitable style, riveting narration, surprising information, buckets of humour, and above all virtuosic musicianship.   Hear tales of how rhythms, chants, and games morphed into a whole host of well-known songs. Follow the sagas of who made the money when a Zulu chant turned to gold and how Spicks and Specks unearthed a snippet of a tune in the intro of an Aussie classic.